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Short-term Consultancies

At EAMDA, we offer short-term consulting services to help organisations address specific challenges and achieve their goals. Whether you need support in stakeholder mapping, market and industry analysis, or strategy development, we can provide tailored solutions to meet your needs.

We take a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and constraints.

Explore Short-term Consultancies we have been engaged in 

Assessment of the Livestock and Meat Processing Industry in Kenya

EAMDA assessed the livestock and meat processing industry in Kenya for the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) to highlight opportunities for investment and business...

Strategy and Business Planning for Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC)

The Eastern Africa Grain Council (EAGC) is one of EAMDA’s clients that the firm has helped to achieve success in Strategy and Business Planning. EAMDA facilitates...

Agribusiness Diagnostic Study

The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) Commissioned a diagnostic survey to better understand the extent to which public and private sector actors in the agribusiness sector are conversant with the recently launched...

Farmer videos for digital extension

Developed content architecture for farmer-led videos focused on coconut good agricultural practices with clear messages on call to action and adoption of these practices EAMDA worked in collaboration with...

Value Chain Studies, Kenya

EAMDA undertook a value chain assessment of key grains produced and traded in WFP’s zone of influence that among others included the counties of Baringo and West Pokot, with an overall objective of assisting the program to...

Capacity Building Tools Development

Designed the Dairy Hub Model Training Manual to facilitate the training of Heifer International’s staff in East Africa...

Endline Evaluation

EAMDA carried out an end term evaluation to assess the impact of the programme on business activities of partners and farmer beneficiaries as well as highlight lessons learned in relation to scalability, sustainability and system change of the Kenya...

Market Study for the USDA-funded Pamoja Tuwalishe Project

Our aim was to assess the impact of the project’s food donations on local food markets and production while ensuring no adverse effects on local food markets...

ITAD, Mastercard Foundation

Assignment: Capacity Development of Social Enterprises and strategic planning EAMDA, through the auspices of ITAD funded by the Mastercard foundation provided Capacity development support to social enterprises...

Kenya Bovine Genetics Market Study and Strategic Plan Development

The Kenya bovine genetics market assessment was commissioned by the United States Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) office in Nairobi to...

Market Expansion Support

EAMDA conducted a feasibility assessment focused on the demand side (sector actors that hold the potential for generating business leads, investment and opportunities or growth in income) and the supply side (capacity of pastoral and...

Video-Based Extension Training

As part of USAID’s Feed the Future’s Developing Local Extension Capacity (DLEC) the Digital Green project set out to use video extension services which entailed the development of videos based on four identified techniques of fruit fly control which...

Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN)

Provided technical assistance, conducted market research and developed business plans for the organization’s grantees. This exercise was focused on building the capacity of the grantees to enrich nutrition...

Land O’ Lakes Venture 37

Industry studies- EAMDA conducted a study on the state of dairy production and marketing in Kenya’s Western Kenya region alongside an analysis of the overall market ecosystem including impact of regulations. Mapping of Milk of Mukurweini ...

Mobile Based Agriculture Finance Product Design

Evaluated and provided insights into factors to be considered in the design of a mobile phone based (pay as you go) credit product for smallholder farmers in the dairy and maize sub-sectors for Mkopa Solar clients...

Capacity Building Tools Development

EAMDA and Its partners iCampus Liberia are providing technical assistance to a cohort of 10-semifinalist agriculture cooperatives with the objective of enabling existing and potential managers of the...

Training Of Value Chain Actors on Food Safety/SPS Self-assessment Guides (SAGS) & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

EAMDA developed training material and conducted capacity building activities in 13 counties in Kenya...

Feasibility Study of SUSFAM+ Project for Strengthening Food Systems in Western Kenya: Challenges and Opportunities

This feasibility study was conducted in Siaya, Kakamega, and Bungoma counties of Western Kenya to strengthen food systems and...

Mapping Agriculture Inputs Across East & South Africa

EAMDA carried out extensive research of the input sector in 12 countries with emphasis on the major agricultural inputs requirements (fertiliser, seed, feed, farming equipment and agrochemicals)...

Stakeholder Mapping

The firm undertook a stakeholder mapping exercise to identify key stakeholders in local member-based organisations whose members are drawn from the agriculture sector, housing Sector, Gender Equality/Empowerment organizations
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Isaac Samoei

Regional Coordinator - Western and Nyanza

Isaac Samoei is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in the fields of market systems development, financial inclusion, project management, and organizational development. As a Regional Coordinator for Western and Nyanza under the KCDMS project, he is responsible for coordinating project activities, providing technical expertise, and serving as a representative for the project.

He is skilled in facilitating private sector forums, providing technical assistance to financial service providers, managing grants and partnerships, and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders. With a background in market systems development, Isaac is committed to improving the productivity and income levels of small-holder farmers. He has a proven track record of success, having previously served as a Project Coordinator for the USAID Kenya Agricultural Value Chain Enterprises (KAVES) FINTRAC project.

Elijah Musina

Business Analyst

Elijah is an enthusiastic Business Data Analyst with a Bachelor’s in Applied Statistics with Computing and a Business Intelligence Analyst certification. He is well-versed in mathematical concepts, statistics, and data analysis. He is proficient in utilizing programming languages such as Advanced Excel, R, Python, and SQL to extract valuable insights from data.

With a proven track record of identifying trends, patterns, and key findings, Elijah has a wealth of experience utilizing data to inform strategic decisions across various industries, including improving operational efficiency, optimizing agriculture value chains, and developing business frameworks for smallholder farmers. As a vital member of the data analytics team at EAMDA, Elijah leverages data to make data-informed decisions.

Tony Okuku

Digital Content Coordinator

Anthony Okuku is a digital content coordinator at East Africa Market Development Associates, focusing on Communication for Sustainable Development (CS4D) and Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) materials in the East and Southern African region.

He has over 6 years of experience in content creation and has produced materials for organizations such as UNICEF/CARE, PSI/Soul City, and Technoserve, among others. He is also a consultant illustrator and graphic designer and has produced educational materials for publishers like Pearson Southern Africa, Longman, and Macmillan. Anthony is an active member of the International Communication Association-Africa and the C4SD Kenyan chapter and has led a number of EAMDA’s communications assignments including the Digital Green’s Developing Local Extension Capacity project.

Oscar Thoya

Business Analyst

Oscar Thoya is a business analyst at east Africa market development associates. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Statistics with over 3 years in Data and Business analysis. He believes in organizations/businesses using actionable insights from data to make data-informed decisions. He possesses skills and experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and data management.

Daisy Kariuki

Procurement and Admin Assistant

Daisy Kariuki is a highly experienced procurement and administration officer with over 5 years of experience in supply chain management, customer relation management, budgeting and planning.

Daisy holds extensive knowledge of business practices having graduated with an Economics and Statistics Degree from Chuka University. Drawn to EAMDA, Daisy appreciates the teamwork, cooperation and great core values of the EAMDA fraternity.

Mercy Kariuki

Finance and HR Manager

Mercy Kariuki is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting & Business Administration from Strathmore university and a Diploma in Business Management. She has over 10 years’ of extensive experience providing Financial Management services, Project Budgeting & Reporting, Grants Management, Project Administration and Coordination, Human resource management, Payroll Accounting and Financial Monitoring & Evaluation.
Having worked on various local and international organizations, including USAID-funded programs, Mercy’s combination of experience, skills, education, motivation to excel and ability to work in a team environment with culturally diverse groups of people ensure successful program outcomes.

Elizabeth Mutiso

Deputy Finance and HR

Elizabeth Mutiso is A Certified Public Accountant and Financial Analyst with over five years in accounting. She has a strong background in both accounting and Finance.
With her combined skills and expertise, she provides a wide range of services at East Africa Market Development Associate Ltd, including preparation and filing tax returns, conducting audits of financial records to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards, providing financial management services such as budgeting, providing financial statement preparation, including balance sheet, income statement and cashflow statements, analyzing financial data to make predictions about future financial performance and ensuring that the organization is up-to-date with regulatory requirements.

Peter Kihoro

Business Analyst

Peter Kihoro is an accredited holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance from the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology and a Diploma in Business Administration from Thika Technical Training Institute. With four years of experience in accounting and business development, Peter has a high level of expertise in financial analysis, budget preparation, and financial reporting and management.

As a business analyst at East Africa Market Development Associates (EAMDA), Peter utilizes his finance and business administration background in the provision of Business Development Services.

Mercy Wairimu

Office Administrator

Mercy Wairimu brings a wealth of experience to her role as an office assistant at East Africa Market Development Associates. With over a decade of experience in administrative activities, she has a deep understanding of the intricacies of office operations and is able to manage day-to-day tasks with efficiency and precision.

She is a problem solver who is quick to identify and resolve issues, keeping the office running smoothly. Mercy’s ability to be flexible and take on different roles as needed, makes her a valuable asset to the team. She is known for her warm personality and is a pleasure to work with, bringing a positive energy to the office every day. With her attention to detail, her dedication to her work, and her desire to help others, Mercy is an integral part of the EAMDA team.

Philemon Moseti

Business Writter

Philemon Moseti is an enthusiastic Researcher with over 3 years of experience in Agricultural Research. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and is currently pursuing his Masters in the same field.

Phil holds a historical tenure of success in delivering strategic, technical and non-technical support with key focus on programme design and implementation of rural development projects; supporting programmatic leadership through efficient and effective management of resources and people; handling external stakeholder relationships with institutions, delivery partners as well as donors while spearheading fundraising initiatives both nationally and internationally through concept development.

Mary Msungu

Business Writter

Mary N. Musungu is a Business Writer at East Africa Market Development Associates (EAMDA). With her expertise in English and Kiswahili and years of teaching experience, Mary deeply understands how to use language effectively to communicate.

Her Master’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in strategic management, gives her a sharp focus on utilising her skills to analyze the business environment and provide informed and critical analysis in her writing. Mary’s knowledge in project management and monitoring and evaluation adds to her range of knowledge and ability to handle business writing with a strong foundation of information.

Michael Were

Digital Content Assistant

As a Digital Content Assistant, Michael Were brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the team. With a Bachelor’s degree in Film Production and Animation, he is well-versed in various creative techniques such as photography, graphic design, and video editing.
Michael is a recent graduate and eager to apply his knowledge and skills to create and grow in the industry. He is passionate about being part of the EAMDA team alongside its slogan, “seeking solutions to systematic failures” which he will embody through visual storytelling.

Subira Mukami

Senior Project Manager

Subira Mukami is a change-making Project Manager at East Africa Market Development Associates. With 5 years of experience in agribusiness development, she brings a unique blend of leadership, communication, and project management skills to the table. At EAMDA, Subira has donned multiple hats, including leading EAMDA’s Eastern region team for the USAID-funded Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems (KCDMS) activity.
She has also conducted industry and market studies, including an assessment of the avocado industry in Kenya and the impact of the East Africa Grain Council’s maize quality standards project. Subira is known for her sharp attention to detail and exceptional design skills, showcased in her exceptional work on project reporting. She aspires to be an agri-preneur and a leader in the development space.

Jane Kathure Biashara

Market Systems Facilatator

Jane Kathure Biashara is a sector expert with over 15 years of experience in Kenya’s food and agricultural development activities. She holds a Masters in Agriculture and Rural Development from Kenya Methodist University and a BSc in Agricultural Education and Extension from Egerton University. She’s known for her innovative market facilitation strategies and her ability to apply replicable and sustainable business models.

Jane has facilitated the commercialization of hay farming in Kenya and has managed numerous programs funded by organizations such as USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As a market systems facilitator, Jane has played a key role in building players’ capacity in the multiple agricultural value chains. She has collaborated with the county and national government and development partners to deliver successful agriculture development programs.

Karen Asinza

Senior Project Manager

Karen Asinza is a certified Project Manager at East Africa Market Development Associates with over 8 years of experience in project management and market research and holds a Master’s degree in Project Management. Karen has extensive knowledge and experience in designing and undertaking research in value chain analysis, market and food systems project evaluations, market research surveys, and strategy implementation.

Karen has worked on several successful projects, including leading EAMDA’s Western and Nyanza region team for the USAID-funded Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems (KCDMS) activity, conducting market studies and evaluations, and overseeing project planning and execution. Her extensive knowledge of project management methodologies and ability to bring teams together ensure successful outcomes.

Mary Mngereza

Business Analyst

Mary Mngereza is a driven business analyst at East Africa Market Development Associates with experience in identifying efficiencies and problems in data streams and communicating the needs of a project. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and is driven by providing data-driven solutions. She brings a unique value in synthesizing qualitative and quantitative data necessary for overseeing market studies and market linkages.

Mary has strong skills in statistical and analytics software such as R, SPSS, and MS Excel, which are useful in conducting studies across different value chains and report documentation for projects. She is drawn to the agricultural space to find sustainable solutions to recurring problems and aspires to become a monitoring and evaluation expert in the agricultural field.